Small idea concerning loading of files


Hi guys! I’m going to take a holiday and have asked myself a question… Why Envato wouldn’t realize uploading of files according to the schedule? Assume, you go to have a rest and you have in advance prepared material, you upload all files and you specify in everyone from what time to reckon consideration by his reviewer. For example, the first file was uploaded and specified to reckon since Monday, to the second - since Tuesday, to the third - since Wednesday, etc. I think it would be very convenient, because during rest there will be no Internet or just there is no wish to come off process of rest and fun :slight_smile: but also process of uploading of files there is no desire to suspend! What do you think about it?


@Progressence Hi buddy) just enjoy the rest :thumbsup: work can wait. Now the review are constantly changing and impossible predict. Just uploading of files and you not afraid about this. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your comment! I’m not afraid, :slight_smile: I just wanted to upload to continued with the period that I set for myself


Good idea )))


thanks! but probably it to nobody is uninteresting :slight_smile:


Idea is interesting but would you like to some of your tracks have been uploaded on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?


Perhaps you have incorrectly caught idea…
I want to see function: to specify the moment when to lay out the file on check by the reviewer. There will be no need to remember that today or tomorrow I need to load a track or the project on Envato.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:


Thus the turn of loading will be created: today - one track, tomorrow - the second, the day after tomorrow - the third, etc.