Slow sales but at least they are steady



150 sales, yipi yapi yeiiii :dancers: :money_mouth: :tada:

I don’t know about you, but every time I get a new sale I jump of my chair, do a quick circle around the room, jump a few times and than I calm down.
I open statements, check where buyer comes from, how much did Envato took, etc… :smiley: :spy:

Lets share, how do you celebrate new sales?


Congrats!) :tada:
I always check what item was purchased and country of a customer)


Yeeah, me too. I’m new author and every sale is a celebration for me. I also check where buyer comes from. :smiley:


Same here :slight_smile:


Congratulations mate :slight_smile:


Congratulations mate
I do the same, as always, Whooohooo I have one more sale. Then check what product sold and to what country is it going to. As long as sales is coming in, i’m not complaining

Here’s to you and super plenty more sales :tada: