Slow problem due to the pp_blurred function !

I have a problem with the slowness on my website: 1.5 minutes to load the page!

The problem seems to come from the pp_blurred function executed by admin-ajax.php

This function must blur the image passed as a parameter. It is bugged on my site. After charging for 1.5 minutes, it does not display the blurred image.

This comes a few days after I made changes to speed up my site: cache, gzip, image compression.

I don’t know if that has a connection.

I no longer have a support license so I cannot contact classic support and I do not want to pay although the problem is not mine.

Can you tell me if you encounter the error?

example of a page that is very slow: …

The buggy function: …

thanks in advance,
have a good day

You can still contact the author via item comments to inform him about this issue:

my support subscription has expired. I only receive updates. I currently do not subscribe to support because I no longer need it. The problem is with the theme and not with my configuration so I shouldn’t have to pay to tell the developer …


You don’t need to have an active support to write a comment on the link I’ve shared…

I found how to contact him on the theme’s home page. it was not easy to find on the comments page.
thanks a lot.