Slow Previews

Honestly, guys - you HAVE to do something about your previews. They are absolutely unbelievably SLOW. Unbearably slow. It makes it impossible to find the elements I’m looking for - which kind of defeats the purpose of using this service. By the time I preview what I’m looking for, I could’ve made the element myself.

Hey there!

Could you please provide more information regarding what previews you’re referring to?

Item Previews (Templates and Themes) are hosted by authors, so this depends a lot on their traffic, hosting company, optimization of server settings and more.

If you’re referring to the overall Elements websites, please let us know which pages are causing you issues.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

He’s talking about Video previews for Templates & stock videos. The loading time for small size preview is like loading original video in full quality which takes a lot of time to view. Other thing is my internet is not very good so i request you to make small previews have different video size like 480p max because preview size is small. That will load the previews faster.

The same here, I’ve given up so many times waiting for the preview to play. I’m certainly not going to waste my time downloading the preview every time. Just offer a playback resolution option for slower broadbands.