Slow Loading Samples / Plugins In Your DAW? This May Help You :)

Sooo… I wanted to post this in case it helps someone outt!

I have been plagued by certain samples / libraries taking an incredible amount of time to load, and I have a very fast and modern workstation. Especially when it comes to certain 8Dio libraries (anthology) this was the case.

Finally, I discovered that in fact it was Windows! To be specific, the in built real-time Virus protection settings. I found that when I disabled it, libraries that hung or took insanely long to load loaded in SECONDS.

So whenever I am working I disable that setting, and the difference has been amazing. If you’re worried about turning it off, just first disable your internet connection.

To turn it off:

  1. Click the Cortana / search icon next to the windows button on the task bar
  2. Type “virus” and select “Virus and treat protection”
  3. Select “virus and threat protection settings”
  4. Click the buttons to disable “real-time protection”, “cloud-delivered protection” and “automatic sample submission”
  5. If you forget to turn it on, windows does it automatically after a few hours.

If you’re having the issue I was, this will change your life :slight_smile:


Good to know!

You probably know this one: batch re-save option in Kontakt also speeds up the process of uploading libraries :slight_smile:

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I just make “save as” so that he (Kontakt 5) does not check the files, it also speeds up the upload up to a few seconds.

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Great!, Anthology was a nightmare, 6 minutes loading.
8Dio updated this instrument a few days ago, with additional patches that improve load times and individual sections (for me, the most important):


Thanks !
But my workstation NEVER connected to the internet :grinning:
And I work in Logic Pro X :blush: