Slow loading for Portfolio page

@BenLeong something is happening again. If I am logged in, after pressing “portfolio” the page loads for much too long (about 10 times slower) compared to other tabs such as “Dashboard” or “Profile”. Each portfolio page takes too long to load.

@_miko That’s strange - I can load portfolio pages fine (logged out, or logged into a non-Author account). Trying to view the same portfolio page via your account I can see the slow loading issue.

I’ll raise it with our developers. Is anyone else having the same problem at the moment?

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The same thing, the site is terribly slow. It started about 2 weeks ago, sometimes it’s just impossible to use.

I have the same problem…the portfolio page is terribly slow.

The problem is still there, the pages are very slow.

This one is currently under investigation - it looks like it specifically affects logged-in users viewing their own portfolio, so customers won’t be seeing the same delay. I’ll update this thread when I know more about the bug.

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we also have been facing this issue for the past few days and could not submit a new update due to timeout errors.

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We also can’t open our Portfolio page (when logged-in only) for some days now. It loads for more than 40s and then throws “Gateway Error”.

Hello, i can confirm this.

A few weeks ago there is an important delay when viewing my own portfolio (this doesn’t occurs when i see other author’s portfolios or if i’m not logged in).

Something important, the last month this issue also happened to me for about 1 week, but suddenly disappears. Now the issue it is back.

Hi all. Our developers have located the bug that seems to have caused this, and applied a fix for it.

I’ve tested it for all accounts reporting the bug in this thread, and it appears to be working now - no more timeout errors, and portfolio pages are loading at normal speed for logged-in and logged-out users.

If you are still experiencing this problem, please report it here - we’re continuing to monitor this one, but we believe the cause has been fixed.

Thanks @BenLeong,
everything seems to be working now.

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Thank you @BenLeong for me is working fine now too.

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