Slow and steady sales from older tracks?


I’d love to know how many of you are seeing slow and steady sales from older tracks in your portfolio. It’s still very early days for me and my tiny portfolio, but I‘m noticing a clear trend after a release where some good initial sales taper off quite quickly to nothing. While these are nice, I think we’d all agree the ideal is a slow but STEADY trickle of sales that continues well into the future. This seems to be the critical piece in the overall strategy of building up a solid portfolio over time to bring in a small but steady income.

I know there are many variables at play here and of course I aim to improve the quality and marketing of my portfolio as it grows. Still, it would be great to hear from others as to whether they’re seeing a return on investment over the long term, or if their tracks basically ‘expire’ a few weeks after approval.

Thanks in advance!


Hey, I have been experiencing the same as you and have about the same amount of sales you have. I’ve been encouraged by that and have gone back to do fresher mixes of the ones that are selling for me. Only got the odd sale on a new song, but looking at this as long term I’m happy enough that my tracks haven’t just disappeared over time. Just need lots more is all :slight_smile:


I have one particular track that is over two years old that still sells very well. others here and there.


I’m not sure what you would define as a old track, but I just checked my sales for the last 30 days. Out of about 70 sales, 45 was released before christmas. I have a 1 year old track that still sells in average once a week.


I have 210 tracks uploaded since 2013, and most of my best sellers are “slow and steady”, meaning they never had an initial peak or sudden burst in sales. One exception is when I had a featured track, another when a VH author suddenly picked up an old track and gave it some exposure. I have never been on the “Popular Files” page, and never been “Top Author” of a month.

As you can see in this list of my sales distributions, “slow and steady sales” are by no means a guaranteed outcome, and I still see a lot of decent tracks dive into oblivion on a regular basis.

Good luck :sunglasses:


I tend to get steady sales across the board, old and new.


Thanks everyone for the replies. That’s definitely encouraging to hear that some of you are getting the slow and steady ones and I’m happy to hear it. Now for me to aim for for the same thing!