Slideshow - Responsive width & height

I found this example of a slideshow on this site:

It works well, but I have some issues with:
-the responsive settings. If you scale the browser in the width and height, the image in the slideshow is now cropped. What are the right settings the page with all the elements will be resized in the width & height? (example:

  • How do I add under the slideshow captions with description?
  • The plan is to build a slideshow with images and videos (mp4). What is the specific setting for videos in this case?

My intention is to create a site with the same layout as this example (top:menu - midle:slideshow - bottom:caption):

Can anyone give me some a advice/help how to create this?


Hi @timwtw :slight_smile: Could I ask that you add this to the comments at the bottom of the tutorial? That way I can get George to take a look, and I’m sure others will benefit from the discussion too :+1:

Ok, will do.