Slideshow on Pulsar theme stopped loading - can't get support from Author

I bought the HTML5 Parallax Website Template called Pulsar from an Elite Author - AVA Themes via ThemeForest on the EnvatoMarket.

The opening page sideshow feature stopped loading in some browsers after the latest updates, and my attempts to contact the Author for support, or getting support via Envato has failed. I was told by Envato Support, that they can’t force their Authors to support their themes, which is an interesting topic in itself.

As a result my site’s front page is now not loading.I am sure that it is something simple that has to be updated in the html5 code to comply with the latest browsers.

It must be an issue that affected many themes. Can anyone please help?



How long ago did you purchase the item?

Have you made any customisations to the main code beyond changing styles and copy etc?

Pulsar theme not have a support. It’s showed on right box. Anyway why you updated the theme? if you are not a web developer not update themes and plugins everytime, update them only if it’s a security update or if you truly need a new feature, this happen usually 1 time / year.

I didn’t even see that - in which case yes envato cannot enforce support. It’s also a very old file so that may be a reason for the author removing support functionality.


I bought it over a year ago, and even though the theme is still sold, it states that the theme is no longer supported. To the best of my knowledge, the theme was supported when I bought it.

I contacted support anyway, as I assume it is a fairly simple fix. My site worked fine for a year, until about 3 months ago when something changed with regards to Java and browser security in the latest updates (at least that is my understanding). If I Google the issue, the forums are full of posts about this problem, but I haven’t come across any solution yet. Basically, the page just hangs and never loads.



It may be that’s of the author is not supporting and therefore not updating the file fully that you have a depreciated or put of date version of the slider or code which is causing that.

You could try buying/downloading (depending what slider it uses) a copy of the slider that is up to date (assuming that exists) but there’s no guarantee it would fix the issue.

Alternatively it may be worth looking on at freelancers to try and fix it

Thank you, yes I am willing to do that. My site must be functional again a.s.a.p.



I’d go down the envato studio route - most decent freelancers would assess the problem first for free at least to give you an ideas of what needs doing

Thank you, will give it a try.