Slider Revolution

Code Canyon updated my slider revolution plugin from 6.3.2. to 6.3.4 as 6.3.3 was not updating. I would like to thank you guys for doing this but now I have an updated version of the plugin but none of the add-ons are updating? Please can you assist. Thank you Regards Mike

Hi Dirk

Thanks for the information non of which will help me. The reason being is that I purchased the slider revolution plugin on Code Canyon so by sending me to the slider revolution website won’t help as I do not have a member login which I feel is quite stupid as this is their product being sold through a third-party.

Secondly, I did manage eventually to finally get hold of someone at slider revolution who managed to speak to someone at code canyon to tell them to update their plugin, which was finally updated and which should have been done so automatically. The fact that my support had runout in October had nothing to do with this issue. If Code Canyon did their work properly or whoever was supposed to be updating the plugin then I would not have to waste my time like this by writing letters to all and sundry.

Finally, If Code Canyon is going to try to force me to purchase another 6 months of support for something that’s clearly their fault they have a second thing coming. After Code Canyon finally updated the plugin I managed to download it but was unable to update the add-ons.

Ok so I buy the premium version of Slider Revolution and suddenly things go South and I am expected to cough up for this. This is extortion. Please I want this sorted out.

Hi @mikeschuit,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Kindly drop us a message through our contact form here and we’ll investigate this issue for you asap!