Slider Revolution, which site is using my purchase code?

Hi all,

Struggling to work this forum out, but does anyone know how I check which site is using a purchase code for Slider Revolution? We are trying to instal it and it keeps saying the code has already been used.

Most plugins have a site you can go to to check usage (like Gravity Forms)

Thanks O Wise Ones…



If you don’t have access of previous domain then use this form and plugin support team will assist you:


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that’s awesomely swift help, thank you!

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just one question though - it sends me an email with an option to deregister but doesn’t tell me which site is using it. I might switch off a valued client!

Please reply to that email and get in touch with the plugin support team. They will assist you. Also you can contact your purchased plugin Author Contact Author and let them know.


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Hi @glazierdesign,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. You can always email us at and we’ll check which Website the purchase code is being activated for you.




All Sorted!
Amazed at how fast the help was in here and from the support people.
Truly grateful to you all.

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