Slider Revolution - Mixed Slides - Two slides Static and Post-Based

I need to mount a Slider with two slides.
The first Slides would contain static content
The second Slides would contain Post-Based

I know how to create the slides separately, Post Based loads as many slides as assigned inputs, but when put together it only shows two slides, the static one and a post and they are repeated.
My idea is to show the static only once and then the post slides.

Not finding the way, I had also thought about making a static slides that calls another Slider at the end that has a Post Based Slides but I don’t know if it can be done.

If I create a Slider with a single Slides where there is Post Based content and static content, the static one is present in all the slides, but it is never fixed since even if you remove the animation it will jump or blink every time the slide changes.

Can you help me? thanks.

Hi @dsd0javier ,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Unfortunately, what you needed there isn’t something that is currently possible to achieve out of the box. Kindly drop us a message here themepunch's profile on CodeCanyon using the contact form and we’ll discuss this further regarding your requirement.


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