Slider revolution little images on right

Hi purchased the Redart theme and I’m very happy but…

I cmade my slider with slider revolution and cannot find the way to change the small images on the right.

Can you please give me a solution ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @drissq,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. I’ve checked your screenshot and the thumbnails on the bottom right look like “Navigation Thumbnails” or it could be regular image layers. Kindly check out the instructions here Navigation Thumbnails - Slider Revolution and see if it helps. If you require further assistance, you can contact us using the contact form here themepunch's profile on CodeCanyon


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Hi thanks for the reply.

Il is navigation thumbnails for sure but it is impossible to modify.

If I choose thumbs on or off for slider the ones on picture stay whatever i do.

I have already change all of the thumbnail and background of each layer but nothing change for me.

The last solution i see is edit html and choose the picture link for each but don’t know where i can change the html.

Maybe you can help me with that


Okay That’s fine it was in global layers. I’m dumb.

Solved !