Slider Revolution issue upon placing contact form on it

We are Dubai Based real estate broking company with the primary purpose of our website towards generating leads regularly.
We had recently purchased the slider revolution and created the sliders on our website and also for getting leads we had put a contact form on the slider. After inserting the contact form we have encountered some issues. When we check our website on iPhone the contact form alignment getting disturbed and it’s working fine on Android mobiles. I will attach a screenshot for a better understanding of our issue. Please give me a solution which resolves the issue and we need the slider should work on every mobile version and every browser when we insert contact form on the slider and also for any additional text which we place on the slider.

Would appreciate your very prompt response in kindly providing us with the fastest and the most effective fix in our matter. In case you need any further information/details , please let me know.

Was this a working demo of the item when you purchased it? If so you should contact the author.

If this is a custom solution that you want to implement using the plugin then you may need to enlist help from as item support typically won’t cover custom work esp that which may be influenced by a number of different things and not only slider itself

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