Slider Revolution - installing update problem


i downloaded an update for my Slider Revolution today, but it can’t be installed.

But Wordpress says: “The link you followed has expired. Please try again”. I have already tried 50 times - without success.

What is the problem that .zip cannot be installed?



Take a look on this page hope you will get your solution

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That’s what I tried, but it won’t upload: “The link you followed has expired. Please try again”. I’ve had Slider Revolution already 2-3 years, but I’ve never had problems with updates.



Hey @Vladgermany,

Based on the file name you posted above, it seems that you’re uploading the wrong file. The zip file you’re uploading contains documentation and other files, which isn’t compatible with WordPress.

Please go back to your downloads and download the plugin again, but this time, choose “Installable WordPress file only”. That file is in the correct format for WordPress.


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Thank you very much! It works. It was wrong file.

Problem SOLVED

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I have now uploaded the file, but unfortunately it cancels.
As I see, I still have version 6.1.5

Plugin installation from file:
Unpacking the package …

The plugin is installed …

The destination folder already exists /var/www/web133/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/revslider/

Plugin installation failed.

Any ideas?

Yeah, you can’t install it if it’s already installed. Is there a reason you aren’t using their automatic update feature? If you’ve activated the plugin, it will be able to install the update for you automatically from the dashboard.

Otherwise, you’ll need to uninstall the plugin (after exporting your slides, just in case something goes wrong), then reinstall it. Or you can extract the zip file and then upload the files to the server over FTP, overwriting the existing ones.

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Thanks for answer.
I didn’t turn update off. All plugins get an automatic update by my WP.
Now I just didn’t go to the plugin page, but directly via the Slider Revolution menu and there was an new update. So now I was able to update the version manually.
Now it says: You are running Slider Revolution 6.1.6

Thanks to all for fast help!

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Hi @Vladgermany,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Please refer to this FAQ that explains more about this . If you need further assistance, email us at