Slider Revolution in website template

Hello I have Envato elements Yearly Subscription and I downoloaded website template Denario

Everything works just fine until I upload my edited source to web hosting. On localhost website seems fine, but on the hosting - homepage slider (Slider Revolution) is not loaded (doesnt start).
I have no idea what is going on - does it need some special licence for this module? There is no information about it on the Envato website.

Thank you a lot.

No, you don’t need license for the slider. maybe something wrong in your migration. You can try export/import the slider, hope it will work for you. Just export from localhost and import in your hosting server, don’t change title/slug.


Thank you for the quick reply.
Before I asked the question here, I tried uploading the entire code as it was downloaded from Envato. And it doesn’t show the slider in this original package too. That is why I asked for licence.

(no changes - I just upload downloaded package only)
does not show it either

As far as I have checked your link I think something wrong there in the settings. please check the theme documentation. Hope you will get a guideline there. Thanks

Thank you - I would love to, but there is no documentation included :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

In the item page in envato elements showing : Documentation Included
If Documentation not included, you can report it to envato elements support. otherwise you can choose another one template. Thanks

Thank you I appreciate your help. I will try to report it on Envato as I already have the template modified for my purposes.