Slider Revolution how do I remove buttons?


I have created a slide show in The7 Slider Revolution but cannot remove the buttons on top of each slide (Intro, Parallax, Ken Burns, Video).

Can anyone help me?

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Here is your item support

You can contact with your item author @Dream-Theme hope they will help you out from your issue.

Or you can try with this
Go to WP Dashboard > Revolution Slider > enter slider settings and edit layers. You should remove buttons from the layers.



please go to wp-dmin dashboard then Slider Revolution then edit slideshow then edit each slide hope there you will get option to edit the button also if you like you will be able to remove the button. Otherwise please contact Author to get their support.



the buttons are not visible in backend. Please see - I guess they came with the template.


Get in touch with The7 Item author @Dream-Theme they will help you out from this issue easily.

Did you find the answer? I can’t get rid of them either.

Yes, I did.

It is just the bottom menu name, please go to Dashboard - Appearance - Menu - Menu Location and edit the menu you assign to Bottom menu and rename the menu.

Thank you so much for replying so quickly! Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to assign a bottom menu. Maybe I’m just not understanding what you mean?

Under Appearance - Menu where you have the menu structure you can change the name of the menu above your menu structure. Please make sure to mark Bottom Menu in Settings below the structure.

here you can find… :wink:

“global layers” you can remove all buttons…