Slider revolution help needed


Good afternoon,

My first, but definitely not my last post here. Currently working on our new webshop for video glasses. See for the project. /edit: I’m using the Weedles template by Ancora.

My issue is the following: I have edited the slider within the Slider revolution plugin. E.g. - I changed the fonts on the homepage slider to Open Sans. In the preview it displays correctly, however when I save the slide and check the website, nothing has changed and there’s still original template fonts.

Does anyone know what the problem here is and how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance!




it’s being overwritten by the theme code, specifically line 5149 of style.css, remove that code element and you should be fine (the code is just for the slider buttons).


Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m not the best with coding (yet), I know the basics but that’s about it. I do see where it goes wrong in line 5149. I’m working in a child theme of the original Weedless. Maybe a bit unorthodox, but is changing the default fonts in the original Weedles theme also a solution?


copy the file contents to the same file name in your child theme and then delete the lines 5149 til the next } (so probably line 5152 or so


I’m not completely following unfortunately. I can’t work in the style.css of the Weedles Child because it says it copies all the code from the original Weedles theme. I don’t want to risk messing up the code too much since I’m not experienced with that. That’s why my thought was to avoid any coding by changing the default fonts in the original theme.

Also I’m wondering if this problem will occur with everything I edit in the Child theme. E.g.: if I change color schemes in the Child theme, will this also be overridden by the original?

As said, I’m relatively new with WordPress. Sometimes I’m missing logical structures on the platform. I found a lot of things out already but this new template including plugins has some new challenges ready for me :wink:


you can add what you want in the child theme, it will use that before what’s in the main theme, adding to the child theme won’t break or modify the main theme.

You could also add your own css to the child theme which would be:

.SliderButton {
 font-family: font-family: Open Sans !important;

that will overwrite the buttons, but would mean if you create a new slider they would also use Opensans font.


Thanks for the explanation. Why I mentioned changing the default fonts in the main theme; for now I want all the text on the website to be Open Sans, so not only the slider. That’s what I changed both in the Slider Revolution plugin as in the standard customizer, but is being overwritten. Is there a piece of code to overwrite all fonts settings in the original code?

And to come back to the addition to my previous message: things like color schemes, will they also be overwritten by the original theme? Cause then it would require me to write a completely different code right? Which is why I would think that changing these things in the original theme would be the easiest solution for now.

Thanks again!


if you want to change the fonts throughout the site, you can attach it to the body like so:

body {
font-family: Open sans !important;

place the body at the end of your code so it’s called last which means it will overwrite any other css code which changes the font-family.


I have tried placing that piece of code in both the ‘Extra CSS’ part in the customizer as well as the back-end editor. Unfortunately it still doesn’t change any font on the website. Any idea?


Can you change fonts of your theme? If yes please do it first and try.


I don’t see it in the code of the website, did you add it in the customizer in the “additional css” part, that’s built into WP and will work no matter what, anyt CSS box added by your theme may be limited ot where it shows.


Do you mean activating the main Weedles theme and changing them there? I can change fonts of the child theme, but they are being overwritten by the original theme.


Well it’s called ‘Extra CSS’ here but I assume it’s the same thing. See image below (open to see full size):


that’s the one, must be called differently in other languages to English. I can’t see the code in your template do you have any caching plugins running?


I see it now, give me a couple mins to look at why it’s not changing fonts across the site.


everything seems to be in open sans, can you let me know which elements aren’t and we can overwrite the element.


I see most of the rest of the website is Open Sans too now. I think that maybe the Slider Revolution plugin is intervening with the code or something? The only part of the homepage I changed with this plugin is the first slider. I think that’s the only part where the fonts are overwritten, even though I actually changed them to Open Sans within this plugin. The ‘Audiovisual distraction as a medicine’ text, as well as the text in the buttons are definitely not Open Sans.

There’s also another plugin that I’m using for this theme specifically: WPBakery Page Builder.


add this css:

.BigWhiteText, .SliderButton {
 font-family: Open Sans !important;


Works like a charm, thanks for taking the time to help me out! :slight_smile:


you’re welcome :slight_smile: