Slider Revolution global/static layers/ layer order

I’m brand new to Slider Revolution and I’m having a hard time with my global layers/layer orders.

I have a fixed object layer (shape) which I’ve set as a static layer, which I’d like to have in every slide, with rotating background image slides behind the shape. I want to layer cycling text over the shape. If I try to do the text in the individual slides, the static shape is layered over the text (if I change the order of the slide, then of course the static shape is behind the background images). If I try to put the text in static layers (i.e. cycling through like: text block 1 in layers 1-2, text block 2 in layers 3-4, etc) then the layers of text are all visible in the static workspace and I can’t see what I’m doing.

I need to either make the static layers hidden in just my workspace (so that I can find them again!), or be able to layer rotating slide layers (images and text) both behind and in front of a static layer.


Do you happen to remember what you did? Because I’m in the exact same boat.