Slider Revolution Compatability with M2.4?

Can anybody let me know whether this mod with work with M2.4?
It’s not listed on the page, but I’m hoping it either is and the page hasn’t been update, or it’s due for a patch to make it available.

Okay, so we went ahead and tried anyway (I already had a licence it turns out :slight_smile: ) , but there seems to be a problem…

We are getting this error when trying to add an image to slider

Error: Call to undefined function Nwdthemes\Revslider\Model\Revslider\Admin\Includes\wp_max_upload_size() in /var/www/html/m2_public/app/code/Nwdthemes/Revslider/Model/Revslider/Admin/Includes/RevSliderFunctionsAdmin.php:484

Magento version 2.4.0

Can anybody help explain this, or suggest a fix?


Thank you for interesting in our product.

Yes, this module supports Magento 2.4 and its most recent version Magento 2.4.1.

There is no option in the edit item page on CodeCanyon for this Magento version. That’s why it is not listed there. Guess will need to mention it in the item description.

Regards, NWDthemes Team.


We have found this bug. It was happening when the layer was added by dragging an image file into the browser.

We have fixed it already. Thank you for pointing it out.

To fix it please apply the updated file from this archive:

This fix will be included in the next version release as well.

Regards, NWDthemes Team.

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Thank you guys, we will try the patched verison later today.