Slider revolution background image repeat bug

I am trying to set a background image and when i set the background fit setting to “contain” within the source settings, the image repeats twice under the slide for a total of 3 horizontal versions of the same image fitting within the same slide in the slide production area. My image source size is original size, and my own picture from my media library. The background position is center-center. If i preview the slide, it only shows a single copy of the image i want to use as the background, as you would expect. The repeat option is set to no repeat. How do i fix this display error? I am using version 5.4.8 slider revolution.


sounds like the used theme or an other plugin injects some CSS on the frontend that causes this. If you want us to check the issue out please raise a ticket at and our experts will have a closer look!

Cheers, Dirk @ ThemePunch

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