Slider Revelution - Full width are not possible?!



i have tried to create a Slider in full width of the screen. I have choose “full width” in the general settings of the slider. I choose in the row settings"stretch content of this row to screen width". But the slider strech maybe of 1600px, not more.

Anybody an idea?


@Kronkorken where you add shortcode of slider ?



if you have purchased a Slider Revolution license you could use our dedicated help desk at and our support staff will take a closer look!

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

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Hey you! I dont add any shortcode.


Hey, i have only the licence of Impreza.



in that case please comment to Impreza on its item page or even better contact the theme author’s support directly. You can find the corresponding link in the support tab of the item’s description too.

Cheers from your Team @ ThemePunch

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