Slider Rev using a temporary staging domain name that changed, then launched, now it's unavailable.

My license was installed using a temporary staging site URL name during development. Once ready to launch, the site URL domain was changed to a purchased/hosted domain. But the Slider Revolution plug-in was NOT disabled or deactivated prior to the domain name change. Now the site has launched and I’m unable to use the license. I cannot change the website back to a non-existent staging name that is no longer used to de-activate. And there is no way to reach support. How can I use my license now?


thanks so much for using our plugin!

You can use this webform to force a reset:

Just for info: In case you did not know (please ignore if you do know already;)): You will need a single regular license purchase code for every single installation to keep legal and updated. Thanks!

In case of any issues during the process please do not hesitate to raise a ticket over at , thanks!

Dirk @ ThemePunch

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