Slider is not showing up and getting console error "ReferenceError: setREVStartSize is not defined"

We have the wordpress slider plugin. For some reason, the slider is loading on the page (I can see the html) but it is hidden (the classes are correct).

In the browser console, I get an error message “ReferenceError: setREVStartSize is not defined” … what could possibly have happened?

I have tried toggling EVERY combination of js loading in head / footer / avoid conflict etc. Really need help

I just upgrade to the version: and I started to have the same issue. I’m using combined with Visual Composer plugin and I can see the code of the slider but is not showing up.

I think this can be fixed by going to your Slider Revolution global Settings and turning on the “Include RevSlider libraries globally” option.

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I am having same reference error… with “setREVstartsize is undefined”…googled this to death and still have no clue whats going on…

Http:// is the address…

Is anyone able to offer insight as to why rev slider refuses to show up ?

Same problem here. It killed by dashboard. I had to downgrade my PHP from 7.0 to 5.6, and restore. I got it back. It appears that Slider Revolution plug-in is not compatible with PHP 7.0 or above.

No… I had my setting that way when Slider killed the site. Its not compatible with PHP 7.0 or higher.