Slider image problems

I am very new to Avada and very new to the web site that I am helping out on.
The web site has a slider on two different pages, both of them seem to be set up using the same parameters.

Sometimes the sliders render fine, but when I go in and make changes to one or the other, the slides then don’t render well. The same image/slide in one renders differently than the other and all of a sudden the image is cut off in size.

Slider 1

Slider 2

The rendering issue only occurs on mobile phones, not on a desktop. If swipe each slider you can see the same image appears differently on each slide

As I said, I am very new and trying to help out a business in the hospitality industry that lost their WP web site programmer and needs these slides to show well to maintain what business they can get.

thank you

@ThemeFusion, @ThemeFusion_Support I think they could help you