Skylab: Home Carousel

Dear all,

I would like to know if I will be able, using the library of this demo:

from Skylab theme, to realise the same carousel (in terms of functionality and visualisation) for my Home page.

I don’t wont to use Slider Revolution to be honest, is too complicated.

Thank you.

Hi @zam76,

You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. The item author will answer your query.


They are using SwiperJS to manage the slide. You may be able to find some extensions at CodeCanyon or WordPress.Org ( free )

Thank you for your replies.

@mgscoder can you please link me this item comments page. I can’t find it on the forum.

@ki-themes are you saying that SwiperJS isn’t a plugin.
I am using at the moment Ultimate Responsive Slider plugin
but on my Home page
there is a problem with a class, should be related with the theme, where as you can see, the photo isn’t central in the page. Close the footer there is a bar related to main-content class that give me extra space that I don’t need.

Contact the theme author

I think I can’t contact the theme author if I have not yet bought the theme, isn’t it?

How is it possible to install the theme if you didn’t buy it?

Bought it right now.