Sky-Productions miscredited?

Hey guys,

I just came across this new youtube video

and was pretty sure that the track was created by Sky-productions since its been a top seller for quite some time right?
Im not sure what is going on but the credits on the video with regards to the music don’t seem to match?
You can read into it by going to the youtube video and read the descriptions

Maybe its just a mistake…

I think it’s a relatively obvious mistake. Both composers offer music at AudioJungle and the video producer probably got things mixed up after making purchases from both authors.

I don’t see where you guys see a mistake. Music seems to be correctly credited to me. They just used the author’s name instead of his username.

EDIT: I had not seen there are two different credits for the music. The second one is correct.

He got some tracks from my portfolio and the credits are wrong too, Its a copy-paste text for all videos. :slight_smile: