Skrill not add 20USD with themeforest, only 3usd avaiable

Hello, I have 20usd in my wallet (deposit) in Skrill and when I try to add 20usd in the wallet of ThemeForest it displays the message that 17usd of the credit card is not available. What do I do ?

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I already checked my card in the Skrill and even then it does not release the 17usd…

Add an additional $17 to your Skrill account using something other than Mastercard?

No, it was the first time I used the Skrill, I added usd17 with MasterCard and then I added + 3usd to complete the 20usd … I thought it would be enough for the skrill wallet

Did you not read the contents of the screenshot you posted?

I read, but the procedure I did was a deposit of usd17 using the card as it was the maximum amount I had available and then I added the remaining 3 thinking that I would be able to use Skrill’s portfolio for ThemeForest, but I will redeem those 20usd and see what I do next week … since it did not work :frowning:

So you read the bit where it says ‘your available balance excludes $17.00 USD uploaded with Mastercard as these funds cannot be used for payments to merchants?’

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Now I understood, but did not know, when I added the 17usd … I mean I can not use those 17 for the wrapper (merchant) or I would need to add 3usd more using the same MasterCard to add 20usd and so I can bank envatomarket? Sry noob question, do you know of any alternative for me to use these 20usd in the packaging?