Skrill delet my account help me

Skrill delet my account help me I painted it pasport that my money take it but I painted it pasport i 17 year shi said that We will be erased you account skrill And my money was wiped out

I’m pretty sure it’s against their Terms & Conditions, and it also could be illegal (depending on country).
There’s nothing we can help you with :confused:

I don’t think you really painted your passport? I presume this is a translation error or that would be a pretty ridiculous thing to do.

So, let’s presume you scanned your passport and sent it to them. My guess is that you must be at least 18 to use skrill so that is the reason why they want to delete your account. However, simply taking your money is certainly not legal. Perhaps ask your parents to contact Skrill on your behalf.


Yes true i 17 year but she already delet my account but should we call!