Sketchy "Customer Success" Messages

Why am I not able to pay with my credit card? My card on file expired, but I have a new one and now I’m not able to login. I can’t pay with paypal because it’s for my business and they won’t allow it. Please help. I’ve been going back and forth so long with customer service and they’ve been very rude.

Accepted payment methods for subscription payment

We currently accept Visa , Mastercard and PayPal for subscription payments.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any other payment methods (eg: Skrill, Envato Market credit & earnings, Invoice billing etc) at this time. We are also unable to accept payment from providers such as American Express. You can however, use American Express with PayPal. See below for more details.

While it’s not something that we offer at this stage, if you are interested in alternative methods of payment (such as invoice payments) or group accounts - we’d like to hear from you! Get in touch with our team here.

As the envato elements helpful article wise you can use visa,master card & paypal. I didn’t see credit card.

I think you can get help from envato elements support team they would like to assist you with an official answer.

I tried paying with a visa card and it keeps locking me out of my account. I’ve submitted multiple help requests over the last week with no help. They said they just couldn’t tell me why I HAD to use paypal


I forum we will not be able to help on account related support. So, for more help query you should to reply the support team and request them to assist you. Ask them how you can continue and you should explain them details.