Sketch Templates Upload

Hi there,

Trying to upload an UI Kit and… there is no “Sketch Templates” category anymore. While today (May 15) some items have been uploaded into this category.

I’ve seen information, that it’s Beta category, which means that it’s invite-only. But there’s no Beta badges in Sketch items anymore and few weeks ago I was able to upload Sketch items.

How to submit a file to “Sketch Templates”?

Still no Sketch Templates in submit categories…

I have the same issue.
Cannot locate Sketch Templates category to submit a new file.

still no solution of this problem?

Has there been any resolution to this? I have a ton of Sketch assets I’d like to upload.

Hi guys, I red that this category is in “trial mode” and in order to be able to upload any file you must send an invitation request.

I have asked for invite before one month, still I’ve not received any invite yet