sketch template soft rejection submitted 3 time still not i am not understand what happen?

I upload the sketch ui kit after 6 day i got soft rejection for my Job Pointer - Job Portal App ui kit

Rejection Details


  1. ITEM TITLE: The title of your item doesn’t match the marketplace requirements, if you need more information about how to write the perfect title please read:

  2. ITEM DESCRIPTION: Make sure your item description includes an accurate description of how editable or customizable your item is. Please list the file formats included. Any elements that appear or are used in the preview but are NOT in the download. Any outside assets, fonts, or resources used. Important: Please click the Save button prior to resubmitting your item. For more information:

  3. Please work on the quality of the screenshots you’ve provided

i submit again after 2 day give reply

THE CHANGES ARE NOT ENOUGH: Unfortunately, the changes are not enough and the previous review still stands. Please carefully check your item to make sure all problems were adequately addressed before resubmitting this item. Screenshots are cut in the middle, make them complete or bigger

Latest reply they give me
Hi, please read more trough the item review items, the changes are NOT enough

Anyone please tell me the changes what happen with my sketch ui kit ?