Yes I’m having an issue with user registrations. When users go to register on the site here is what I receive…Thank you!

“Mailer error: Could not instantiate mail function.Mailer error: Could not instantiate mail function.”

Or how can I adjust my mail settings? Thank you!


This item is not supported by author.

Error means that your PHP installation is not configured to call the mail() function correctly (e.g. sendmail_path is not set correctly in your php.ini ), or you have no local mail server installed and configured.

Get infor for fix:

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I don’t quit understand or have the knowledge capability of fixing. Is there anyway you could fix for me? $ with remote details? Thanks! Really trying to get this site done. I’m legit and thank you!

If @Codewayfarer can’t help then try

Yes sir…I was told they reached out to the author. Ask the author if he would fix a few bugs in his script for my site and management site can send remote access. Bad a$$ author just need some help please tell the author he will be compensated for any bug fixed or update / management of my site. TY!

Btw fixed that issue. But users are having issues choosing an category/sub category. Thank you!

Is there anyway I could possibly get some help? I’m literally stuck at a barrier with a legit revenue site that I cant even complete. Thanks!

You can always try to find a freelancer who should be able to help.

If an author chooses to not support an item that generally can point to potential complexity with fixing certain issues so it’s unlikely to be something anyone here can offer solutions to.

Thanks for everything. And btw you did not have to send a refund. If you could still provide me a download to the script 24/7 you may reverse the refund and as I did not request one. I do not know why this script is no longer available. But it is super rare to find ty.