Skaparis productions new member - contact admin?

Hi everyone,

I’m so pleased to be a new member and have had my 4 jingles accepted today!

It took me quite a while to get the formats correct (MP3 audio resolution and the Tags section!) but finally got there in the end!

I’ve got a question on how to contact the admin team for envato? There doesn’t seem to be a contact form or anything in the settings?

Thanks so much and hi!

Simon Robertshaw
(Skaparis Productions)

Hello @SkaparisProductions

Welcome aboard and congrats for your submissions :partying_face:

You can contact the Envato Team using this link → Envato Authors Help and Support

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your logos are great. what are your vst or orchestral sound banks that you use please?

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Thankyou very much MrsEnabled! :slight_smile: I’ve since managed to find a contact form so I can contact admin - hopefully they’ll get back in a few days!

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Hi Ed, thanks so much :slight_smile: It’s great to be able to finally use my orchestral experience! I use mainly Sibelius.

I listened to some of your tracks too - they’re awesome! :smiley:

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