Sizing for vinyl on vehicle??

Hi, I do a lot of graphic design but I’m trying to create a project for a family members birthday. They went to a local design/ print company and had vinyl stickers printed out for the full back window and two images for each driver side door.

I have no issue designing the images etc but I don’t really know the sizing that I would need to design in so the images could be printed and look good on the truck. I called the company and asked for the source files and they declined to give them to me but said they made everything in illustrator and to use 300 dpi but never gave me the sizing info I needed.

Has anyone ever had experience with this or could point me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you keep the file as “Vector” it can be any size you want and won’t lose quality. Generally its best to shrink an image, so bigger is better. Vectors are sharp, crisp and clean.

.ai - You’ll most likely want to save everything to
this format for your own safe keeping because it retains all editability
unlike other formats. You would then save the same file to another
format to use elsewhere.

.pdf - Typically the format you’ll want to send to a client, print
or even use in a website, if it’s like info graphic or something
like that. Typically you don’t embed pdf into a website.

.eps - Older print format…svg - Typically used in websites in place of images that would “normally” be .jpg, .png or .gif.

.svg is not natively supported by all browsers ( IE ).

Thanks, but yes I understand I would want to create things in vectors so the size can be changed freely. But for example I don’t know the sizing I would need for a back window for the truck. So that when I send them the design it can be printed perfectly and will match to the design plan. Any ideas?