Site Upgrade is an aviation news site.

The upgrade requirement for Aviationcablenet website is to

  1. build a one stop shop platform/
  2. android application
    that will consolidate local and international airlines flight schedule.
  • Plug-Ins for Flight Schedule with up to 3 months future flights (Local and international with flights originating/terminating in Nigeria)
  • Search for flights and cost is real-time (instant pool from the source destination) hence the need for reliable APIs. On platforms where Ticket sales is happening, the API owners share revenue from ticket sales but since this is just price compare, the API will have to be paid for one –off.

Platform improvement as necessary

  • Light Graphics GUI (Landing and inward pages)
  • Core Platform Application to support dynamic search, auto suggest parameters, quick return of values, price comparison and airline ratings based on either delayed departure or flight cancellation or both.


  • Flight Data Feeds
  • RSS feeds for news/information from different sources
  • Search Engine Visibility

Anyone interested?
Please contact me with your possible complete cost quote asap