Site similar to freelancer


Can you guys recommend me a good script php or plugin for wordpress to create a site similar like freelancer(dot)com ? I found some scripta but… in comments section are a customers complain about that have a lot of bugs and author support is very poor. Thanks

If you search for “service provider” this will give the most relevant options BUT you have to have realistic expectations between a 50 theme and a multi-million network

I’m not looking for a service. A friend if mine is looking for a platform like freelancer. But he want to be just for him :man_shrugging:t2:

So a site to just sell his own servies, not a network of people?

Exacly. Can you recommend something?

That sounds like a remarkably complicated way to do it.

Would it not be easier to have a regular website, if necessary some extra info on what they do, and then just build a form that offers the various services/project planner/info fields?

It would be much much much simpler and open up to pretty much any theme/template that you want

Well he work in Adobe ( photoshop/ illustrator etc ). He want to post ideeas of projects. Also he want to create website designe and sells. I found a script on codecanyon but he want to post something put a price and when a customer come just buy it and have a link to download or how is envato “download” category.

I found this

Also this

And anothers scripts… but i really dont know what to choose for him.

Again, it sounds like they are trying to over-engineer this and potentially opening up all sorts of other considerations.

It depends on what they want:

Option 1: Each item is the same, off the shelf. In which case, all they need is a digital download shop.

Option 2: - Like freelancer - they want individual client accounts/project management capabilities like updates/revisions/downloads etc. ( you won’t find it out of the box. )

There are client management plugins but integrating these with a theme/template and making it all work together is not a basic job and going to require some significant development skills.

On top of that, to include that type of functionality requires other considerations like robust hosting and security (that’s a lot of confidential data to look after) and the costs involved, most likely a fair amount of maintenance.

I think your friend needs to give you a proper site map and UX

Well… i think he need a digital shop because most of the items/project will be made in Adobe. But if he will do a digital shop lets say he will post a “demo” of a picture/photo how can he to prevent to next option “Inspect Element -> take the image” because for videos he can insert inside the video a text but how can he manage that situation ? If you know a good script / plugin… let me know please <3

Watermark it (otherwise there’s no way to stop someone screengrabbing it)

Disable right-click save

Use low res demo images (full copies can be hi-res)

Okay, thanks. And what script do you recommend ? Any ideeas? Because what i saw on codecanyon all people are complaining about a lot of bugs and the Author dont help the customer :slight_smile: also i’m in same situation with a script so… i have 80% change to belive them :frowning:

Script for what?

I found this

Also this

Choose one of them or give me another ideea where i can choose :slight_smile:

I would look at themes where Easy Digital Downloads is already installed and part of it like these