Site is not loading in ThemeForest iFrame

Hi there!

I have a WordPress theme and the demo URL is

I uploaded the demo site to but this is not opening in the ThemeForest iFrame when I click on the live preview button, I see this error:

Is there someone can help me to fix it?




please check which url with subdomian or without subdomian will work fine for preview button. Which one will open/work for Preview button you should to set that one.
About url not loading you have to contact with your hosting support and let them know.


Thanks for your response.

Both URLs works fine, if you load them directly in the browser. However, if I use URL with sub-domain to my Item as live preview then it doesn’t work when previewing under the Evanto iFrame. See this screenshot to know the exact issue:

I have contacted the support team and they are working on it. Let’s see.

would be fine if you share the final solution (when will solve) to let others know how to fix. Thanks

Sure, why not. The support team said they could replicate the issue and now looking for a resolution. Let’s see how they fix it.