Site is broken for me on all browsers. More info inside

am I the only one having these problems?

– NONE of the filters work when in the ‘downloads’ section. The filters for ‘newest, best seller’ etc aren’t working either.

If I try to go through my purchases i need to sort by market, I have over 500 items total. When I change that drop down the trigger isn’t working so nothing is sorted.

The only thing that works is the ascending or descending button and that’s because you manually click those.

– Along the same lines, when you click on ‘download’ it SHOULD open a drop down to allow you to select downloading the project/purchased item, or the purchase code docs.

I no longer have that ability either. on all purchases, even the one I did last week, clicking the download button ONLY sends me the file. So i have no way of getting my purchase codes.

if i’m not the only one having this problem (and I can’t imaging I am) you guys must have people complaining because they can’t get their purchase code. Is anyone else seeing this?

with the horrid forum changes I also don’t know where to post this? i posted in another forum but got no replies (sorry if I sound irritated this is very frustrating) so if i’m in the wrong place could someone point me to the right place?

I posted a ticket but since that will take literally DAYS to get a reply (i miss the site from 4 years ago) it’s not going to help me. I am trying to rebuild a client site that got hacked, have to start over, but since I can’t download the purchase code I can’t activate the theme to import demo data.

Thanks for any help!

Hi John. I’m not seeing those issues in Firefox or Chrome, and haven’t seen other reports of the same issue. I’ll send you a private message with a possible workaround.

I got your message and responded. the issue still exists on both FireFox and Chrome for me. I had to use Internet Exporer to get the info.

here is a video of the problem in both FF and Chrome

FYI this video is ‘unlisted’ so it won’t appear on YouTube unless you know the link

You’re not alone. Suddenly since many hours ago the site is also not responding properly (the JavaScript is broken :slight_smile:) First noticed the issue when previews stopped popping up when I hovered over thumbnails.

Console errors reveal some neat information, too.

For your information @BenLeong clearing cache and cookies did not help.

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DUh, i should have posted my errors too. like his, I would bet that first javascript not loading is what’s causing it.

Access to Script at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access.
index-427e5f7dd1afc0d09c04e193f2e05cf51b773739fc71634d0c9a713204ef7fad.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: Market is not defined
at index-427e5f7dd1afc0d09c04e193f2e05cf51b773739fc71634d0c9a713204ef7fad.js:1
at index-427e5f7dd1afc0d09c04e193f2e05cf51b773739fc71634d0c9a713204ef7fad.js:1
downloads:2598 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
at downloads:2598

also to add, i don’t get thumbnails at all. i get empty images. I could research this a bit but i’m in the middle of trying to get client work done

It seems to be fixed now. :slight_smile: