Site Design "Racing Venue"

I’m still learning how to code in wordpress and I know i have a lot to learn. I think the best route for me to go would be to find a theme with a page builder that i could easily manipulate to make it look the way i want it to. The problem i’m running into is the header/navigation portion. There is quite a bit i want to do in the header. I’d like to have separate “subdomain” links on the left topbar with social media on the right. Below that i’d like to have a scrolling news ticker on the left and contact info on the right. Then comes the navigation, i want to have a center logo with the navigation on either side of the logo. I’m not really sure the “BEST” way to go about this. I know there are plugins that you can use, but honestly, i want this done the right way. Would anyone on here be willing to help me out or give me some idea, tips, pointers on how to go about this? I’m designing it for a “nascar racing” type website.

See attached screenshot for my design. Any and all help/direction would be much appreciated!

we have a team we can help you

Hello Dkbromely,

The best way for making a site with the layout you want would be use a good theme with a similar style as a framework and build on that.

Feel free to contact me via my profile page:

I can advise you about the right theme and the plugins, if you want it to be built I can help with that too.

how much would it cost to have either of you help me? can you msg me price? I think the preferred route is to take an existing theme and expand on it. Also, if you could recommend a good theme to use where i can add more features, i’d like to hear your suggestions on a way forward. This site is for a “nascar” style venue that offers multiple entertainmnet venues so the cooler i make the design content, the better (obviously)


I couldn’t find a contact form on your profile, can you please send me a message from my profile page or email me.

I’ve already found someone who assisted me in the development. Thanks!