site crashed

I can’t log in to my personal account (, an error appears

I would suspect one of the servers is offline - back in 2016 Envato their sites operate to the tune of 25,000 requests per minute on average, serving up roughly 140 million pageviews per month. It’s not unusual for a server to go offline either because of mechanical breakdown or simple over-loading.

Is there support here? How do I report a problem?

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


My account was simply blocked without explanation!!
Envato, what is this approach to customers??
There are assets and licenses for them left in my account! By what right did you just block my account??

I have been using your service for five years, there have never been any problems, I have all the developments on the service! And you just take and block the account without explaining the reasons??


Hello - so from what I see this went from site crashed to Envato elements closing your account.
What were the previous emails on your support requests?

Like @mgscoder we only help here as Moderators, so we have no control over Envato nor do we have access to review your case with them.

I just wrote and reported that there are problems on the site. To which I was answered:

“Hi there,
Regrettably, after further review, we’re using our discretion and will not be re-enabling your account.
Please note, your most recent order has been voided by our payment system, so no funds have been taken from your account.”


That seems just strange to me to be honest.

You could try resubmitting a help request via this link here:

Keep patience and lets see if this can be resolved for you :slight_smile: