Singles' Day 2021 promotion - ThemeForest and CodeCanyon

Hi all!

Singles’ Day is a shopping event that takes place each year on November 11th. Also known as ‘Double 11’ Day, it originated in China and is growing in popularity in many other countries around the world.

Envato’s marketing team are putting together a limited promotion to test if Singles’ Day is an event that our customers would be interested in.

We will be driving traffic to all discounted items on the sale pages of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon on November 11th and 12th:

How to get involved

If you would like to participate, schedule your item(s) at a discount of your choice, on the promotional dates below and take advantage of the extra traffic viewing discounted items on these days.

Important: You must discount your own item using the Manage Discount tools in accordance with our usual Discount & Promotional Pricing Guidelines. This is not a campaign where nominations are required.

We are hoping to feature some best-selling items in an email to our customers. Schedule your discounts as early as you can for the opportunity to be chosen for this email.

Promotional Date

  • Starts — 11th November, 12:00am AEDT
  • Ends — 12th November, 11:59pm AEDT

NOTE: Cyber Monday 2021 Items

If you have an item that has been scheduled into the upcoming Cyber Week Sale, you will be unable to set a discount for Singles’ Day as only one discount at a time can be scheduled on an item. Please feel welcome to choose any other items from your portfolio to discount for Singles’ Day.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any related questions, just reply to this forum topic. Everything you post here will be read and replied to by our team.

Thank you and good luck!

  • You already have a discount scheduled during this period. Please choose a different start and/or end date.

Same thing for us :relaxed:

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Thanks for letting me know - I’ll check to see what could be causing the issue.

That shouldn’t be happening, as it shouldn’t be affected by other promotions.

If your items already have author-led discounts (different to Envato-led ones like Cyber Monday) occurring at the same time, those items should already be visible to our Singles’ Day customers. We’ll be sending that traffic towards the regular “on sale” results page for CodeCanyon and ThemeForest on Thursday and Friday this week.


My items are added to the Cyber Sale and I get the below error when trying to add the Singles Day promotion:

Errors occurred when setting a discount:

* To be eligible for a discount, an item must have had the same price for at least 30 consecutive days. More information.

However it doesn’t work for the an item scheduled for Cyber Week:

You already have a discount scheduled during this period. Please choose a different start and/or end date.
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We get the same

Retried again, and still the same:

Errors occurred when setting a discount:

  • You already have a discount scheduled during this period. Please choose a different start and/or end date.

I confirm that it has worked for me, I configured discount to 11-th and 12-th November.

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Hi all. Our team has uncovered the cause for these error messages, which contradicts some of the advice we’ve previously given.

Any item that already has a scheduled discount (for example, items included in the Cyber Week sale) can’t add new discounts before that sale runs. This is because the discounting tool checks to ensure an item has at most one future discount scheduled, for author-led discounts.

ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items that are not in this year’s Cyber Week sale should be fine to use for Singles’ Day. If you schedule a discount period that includes Nov 11-12, those items will appear in the “on sale” pages that we’ll be sending additional customers to this week.

Additionally, any Cyber Week items that already had an author-led discount scheduled (before the Cyber discounts were added by our developers) will still follow their original discount timing. They’ll show an author discount at the times you scheduled, and will also be part of the Cyber campaign.

I apologise for the confusion - we hadn’t realised the Cyber Week scheduling would prevent further discounts. This is still a good opportunity to get some more web and code customers viewing items that won’t be part of Cyber Week this year, though!

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You mean the items already selected to Cyber Monday will be assigned to Singles day sales page automatically, so we don’t need to make a new discount right ?

Thank you for your help.

As far I can understand already selected items for Cyber Monday can not be set as another discount for this Cyber Monday campaign month (November). But we are welcome to set discount for other items for this Singles day sales page campaign.

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@mgscoder is correct - if your items already have a discount scheduled for the Cyber Monday period, they’ll be featured in that sale instead (Nov 23 - Dec 1).

If you have items that aren’t part of the Cyber Week sale, you can schedule a discount covering Nov 11-12 to take advantage of some extra customer traffic that will be on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon this week for Singles’ Day.

Any ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items that have an author-led discount scheduled across Nov 11-12 will be seen by more customers, as we’ll be directing sale traffic to the “On Sale” filters for each of those marketplaces.

If this year’s test is successful, we’d love to run a bigger event next year - this is the first time we’re directly promoting Singles’ Day, as it has been steadily growing in scale for the last few years.


That’s great.

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