Single use background track in multiple videos, though same project...

I’m a dog breeder and I want to make videos with background music. At the reveal of who gets what dog, I want each person to have their own video. That could get costly if I have 10 puppies! But 90% of each video is the same, like the pups walking together, playing together etc. BUT, I’ll insert a clip of the individual puppy, and then generate one video per client.
I think using 1 audio track on each video follows the heart of “one single project” but there is technically more than a single video. Can I use a single audio track?


The inserted individual puppy clips would make them different videos, and would thus require different licenses.

I don’t think you could invoke the “allowed variations” policy in this context, as the videos are made for different end-users (your individual clients).

The license cost would have to be included in what you charge each client.

This is merely my opinion, feel free to ask the license experts at support.