Single Page Website Scrolls to bottom on load in Chrome & Firefox

Hi there. On my client’s site after the homepage load (single page site) it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the site. It does this in Chrome, Firefox and Edge (not Safari). The site theme is “Corsa” version 1.8.7 which is from 2017. When I search Corsa on Themeforest it is now Joomla. I was hoping to get some help to fix the scrolling issue without having to update to the newest version of Corse because I don’t want to use Joomla. Is this a plug-in problem? Is the theme simply too old and out-of-date with current plug-ins and Wordpress? Is there code I can paste in the head to help solve this issue? Thanks for the help! URL below…

@dregnier - I would hazzard a educated guess that if this has NOT happened previously, then it could be a plugin issue causing it to happen. Or an out of date js file. Try disabling the plugins, and then clear your browser cache, and re-enable one by one to see what happens.

You’re correct. This hasn’t happened since updating Wordpress and the plug-ins. So I guess disabling the plug-ins is a good idea. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

Hey. I deactivated the plug-ins and nothing changed. It still scrolls to the bottom on page load. I was really hoping it would help. I’m more of a designer than a programmer. So if it is a JS problem or a shortcode problem I hope it’s a simple fix! Any other direction for me? Thanks.

@dregnier I’m just looking at the site now on Firefox. So it didn’t happen before? But since updating Wordpress and the plug-ins one or the other has caused the issue to appear. If you want to private message me the login credentials I could look at the admin side of the wordpress site - it’s up to you :wink:

@dregnier - I’ve just checked this on Google Chrome, and it works fine. Firefox still not. I disabled Javascript on Google Chrome, then re-enabled it and the site worked ok.

I think the issue is a Javascript file on the page:

Reference: easycontainer-xtjvgl which seems to be placed on the part of the page which then the site scrolls to when it opens. Some others who are experienced will be able to assist you I’m sure or contact the developer, and see if they can help as well.

That’s interesting. I guess disabling the Easy Media Pro Gallery plug-in didn’t work because the javascript is still in the site code? So code like this, is it installed in the site when the plug-in is installed for the first time or is it something that has to be programmed in? (Sorry, I didn’t build the site and I don’t know anything about Javascript) So I should contact the plug-in and see if other people have had this problem and see what the solution was? Thanks again.