Single Music Standard License for Similar Videos with different Aspect Ratios?

Hey Guys,

I have a question regarding the ‘Music Standard License’ on Audio Jungle.

I´m about to produce a series of six short tabletop recipe videos, with one single music track per video.

But each recipe video will be available in two different aspect ratios (16:9 for YouTube and 1:1 for facebook),
while the the content of the video stays the same (exept for minor text position adjustments).

My question is: do I have to purchase a license for each aspect ratio version of basically the same video,
or is this covered by a single music standard license?

What i could find in the FAQ was this:

What are allowed variations of a single application?

In addition to a series, allowed variations of an end product that are still considered a single application include:

Tag changes - minor revisions to text or content (e.g. changing “Coming Soon” to “Now Showing”)

Example: If you have 3 identical ads with just minor text changes, just one license is fine.

Thanks for your suggestions and replies!


I think one Music Standard License should be enough. I’d say the content is the relevant factor here, not the format. It’s still the same video even though it’s presented in a different aspect ratio…

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Hi Sam,

thanks for your kind advice.

If you have any doubts about type of license you can always contact Envato Support Team:
I am assured that they give you most correct answer.

Hope it helps you. Good luck with your projects!
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