Singe usage of a plugin

I’m a videographer and create content. I was looking to buy some motion design on envato. I don’t understand the single usage license.

If I buy a motion design plugin for fcp, I can only use the plugin once even if it has many many variable and design in the plugin?

Check the full details of the license in question, but each element within the bundle essentially has it’s own single use license, so say for example it’s a pack of 1000 LUTs… then you can use each individual LUT in one video, meaning a total of 1000 videos.

If all of the videos are part of a series, then you can use one LUT in up to 52 videos over the course of a year… so a maximum of 52,000 videos over the course of a year. If the plugin comes under the Tools license then there’s no limit on usage, you can use it in as many videos you like.

So yes, while the majority of content on Videohive does come under the single use license, there are options available so you can’t just use one elements from a bundle and then you’re done.