Since When is More Than 50 Characters in Item Name Allowed? BAD IDEA

Do you think its a good idea to name items with 100 characters? I think this is awful idea… now all the items in search results gonna be hard to read as they not going to be titles anymore but essays…

As its not the fault of author and not talking about item quality I will post the actual links to items.
Is that a title name? I think its becoming more like a summary with actual sentences in it… and its perfectly according to rules now.

Now item name is just becoming bunch of tags.

Actual item names:

Body Language. Man In Business Suit Isolated White Background. Training Managers. Sales Agents

Body Language. Man In Business Suit Isolated On White Background. Negative Thoughts, The Index

View Of Pier And Illuminated Architecture From Middle Of The River In Night.

Guy Blond Girl Make Selfie Kiss Hide behind Red Heart on Beach

Sorry but it has to be a name not some separated sentences with periods and commas.

And unfortunately I cannot report this to support. Because such naming is totally allowed now!

I wonder that earlier rule of Titling is changed?, looks now automated, reviewer do not have any control over titles, I seen some files got soft rejected earlier for having “Loop, Full HD, Pan, Zoom” in their titles
@cyzer those are not titles, it is a story boards lol

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True, that is just wrong

Hey guys, the rule hasn’t changed. It looks like these slipped through the cracks somehow and was not caught by the review team. I’ve corrected the items and will follow-up to ensure this gets sorted.

Well its pleasing to hear that but unfortunately there is already hundreds of such files, and its just one guys portfolio:

Almost all of his items carry names with hundreds or characters

Also the naming conventions and rules is ACTUALLY saying that we are allowed of 100 characters in item name…

“Item Titles
Must be no more than 100 characters including spaces
English characters only”

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Sorry, but there was a discussion (one month ago) about the inconsistency between characters limit on the Upload page & the Item Edit update. The inconsistency was fixed by increasing the limit on the Upload page to 100 characters. I’m not sure if you’re aware of that.
The discussion: I thought there is Item Title Limit???

Well that’s sad news. Now we will have titles with stuffed words from many begginers and eager-to-sell authors. The item names should have very specific rules and guidelines. Like no periods, commas and symbols allowed. Except maybe “-” and “()”

Seeing such item names in search doesn’t help. What would you prefer? Item name which requires less reading and is compact and focused or some description sentence.

100 characters is not a item name anymore its description.

Yep I noticed the 50 character limit was gone when renaming one of my older items.

edit: Actually my latest wordpress item has 54 characters, I didn’t even realise.

I noticed that too… and I think it’s awful…
Would be much better to increase the limit of 15 tags to 20 - instead of allowing long and ugly titles - that have a huge impact on the search engine,
also damaging our eyes :smiley:

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@MotionPatriot Totally agree with you. I don’t want to see the ugly titles :frowning:

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Reported this a month ago. They said it’s been changed to 100 characters : I thought there is Item Title Limit??? . This makes Alibaba happier lol!


@cyzer @MarkBrodhuber We always try to name our projects in a creative style. We love to do that. But lately we noticed that it’s a bad idea in VideoHive. Why? because title is so more important than other search contents as tags and description. Unbelievable but our popular items are not in search pages. We made huge package explainer kit and named it “Pixity Land”, it sold 3112 till now. But You can’t find it in “explainer” keyword search (Actually it placed in page number 8 at the time)
Another example is our App Promo Mockup ( iTouch 2.0 ). Let’s try search app promo keyword and you can find this item in end of page 3.
Before applying this new algorithm for search, our HUD item (Quantum) was the first one when you were searching HUD keyword. Now it’s 54st.
I know and understand that our items should have the same chance like the other authors, BUT I mean why title is so important in new search algorithm and it’s a big bug. When you search “xxxxxxxxxxx” keyword , it brings all the items that named “xxxxxxxxxxx” first and then it looks for other items , however “xxxxxxxxxxx yy” have more chance than “xxxxxxxxxxx yy zz”.
We have a lot of topics these days about big bug of new search algorithm that really affects on our sales: