Since 4 hours looking for a new Theme. Find nothing. Please help.

Hi guys

I’m looking for more than 4 hours for a new Theme for my website. But, it’s so hard to find a good new Theme for witch is optical perfect for my disease website. It’s about the inflammatory bowel disease Crohn’s disease. Please, can you help me, I am overchallenged. Please have a look at:

Thank you so much for your help and best regards


That’s a free theme you can download from this link

Hi ki-themes

Thank you, but i’m looking for a new Theme. “Travelify” is my current Theme. is my own website :wink:


It sounded like you were looking for that theme. I’m not how we could help you because it’s your decision and taste to choose a theme but you can check blog section as well as it seem you’re using a blog theme

Thanks. I will looking now in the Blog-Section. I hope, i will found something. But… If someone find a better Theme for this website, please tell me. Greetings