Simplified Kiva clone / Sponsor a child

looking for something that does the following:

  • register/create account or connect with fb
  • post simple profile with image
  • forms will include the following data (first/last name, address, school, yr/course, amount needed, biography/personal profile, email address/contact)
  • commenting system of the profile (facebook commenting system is okay)

interested sponsors can do the following:

  • search for a student to sponsor
  • select a student to sponsor and contact student coordinator (via messaging system preferably email)
  • donation module (paypal is ok)
  • simple form that the sponsor can include notes/comments that goes with the paypal or payment system

admin can do the following:

  • receive emails/private message
  • add/delete/edit profile
  • send message to one/all

budget is from $100-250.

no ones interested? :frowning:

Its the budget ( boojay )

Perhaps up it just an incy wincy tad … Or post on freelanceswitch

it’s ok, i think ill have wordpress w/ ignitiondeck as an option. it’s the only option that fits my budget