Simple Wordpress CRM connected with Gravity Forms

I am looking for someone to help me create a simple CRM solution plugin for Wordpress. Something small businesses could use to store name/phone/email/notes/follow-ups for customers. I know I could connect to a 3rd party but I want a plugin for Wordpress.

Essentially when a website visitor fills out a Gravity Form there info would be formatted into the CRM and a notification would go out to the Wordpress user. The CRM has to be searchable, sort-able and have core CRM functionality. You need to be able to segment contacts into lists, add reminders, updates and information about users.

Email if you are interested.

I suggest potentially using the following service…

Click where it says “Click here…” and type “Gravity” in the search.

Then repeat the click here / search process but type in “CRM” (pick any one)

You will then see all the already existing automation options.

I know this is an older post but saw this and wanted to mention that for anyone looking for this functionality our WP Contacts plugin pretty much includes all of these things…(we even have a Zapier extension) :slight_smile: ->